My Graphic Sites
Sites I use or have used or someone has suggested but I haven't tried.

Many of these I have used on my old webpages, which has been abrutely canceled even though I had a paid version. For my old followers be aware; many of the tools I used no longer exist, but I have tried to find replacements. I also try to find free graphic tools. I do not believe in paying for something that you can get for free. Also in some cases there are links to pages with graphic tools listed on them. I do not think it is constructive to list what someone else has already listed. If I have a redunted program it's because I found the program before I found the other list, OR because I love the program and felt it worth keeping on my list because I want quick access to it.

I have made most of the backgrounds, icons, and page headers with the windows paint program installed on my computer for the simple reason that it a program most everyone has and they will be able to do the same thing. Others images are a combination of images I have found on the web, while still others are a direct copy of the icon used by the website or app. I have given the link to the background of each of my pages at the bottom of the header linked page.

Please do not link directly to my images. It takes my bandwidth. In case you do not know what bandwidth is, think of it as energy for the web. The more you all take, the less I have. I will be happy to help you save any image you like to your own computer or website. Just message me at link at end of intro.

This is the link to my guest book. You may ask any questions, let me know if I have misspelled something, or links do not work on my guest book. I would also like to hear any suggestions or comments you may have or if there is a website you would like to see on one of my pages!

Simply right click on image and -save as- Name it as you like and save to your computer then..... Upload it to any site you have; such as facebook, twitter, your own website.